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Utah 2021

on October 27, 2021

I just finished uploading photos and commentary from my recent and wonderful 3-week hiking trip to Utah. Take your pick between scenic drives, hikes, slot canyons, or ziplines. It was all amazing and I wish I could go back RIGHT NOW!!

Links to videos are included in many sections. Keep in mind I just got a GoPro and had no idea how to use it well, so it’s a bit bouncy, but so is life!!!

I have to say here… if it weren’t for YOGA I wouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things. I have so many failed, operated on, and rehabbed body parts ~ yoga is why I can scramble through slot canyons and hike and explore the way I do.


=> Read the descriptions of the videos for explanations 🙂

=> You can speed the videos up in the Settings (gear-shaped thing-y on the bottom right, then choose playback speed) if you want to hear me talk like a chipmunk.

=> Don’t watch the zipline video if you get dizzy, I flip upside down a few times – weeeee!!!! .

=> Don’t watch Canyonlands – The Joint if you have claustrophobia.


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