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Redwoods State and National Parks, CA

on June 11, 2021

There is something magical and timeless about standing among the tallest trees in the world, something that is impossible to put into words. There is an energy here that’s difficult to describe until you feel it for yourself – A connection to something infinitely bigger than we are. Some of these trees are over 3000 years old, imagine the stories they could tell. Walking through these forests is like walking through the giant cathedrals of Europe.

I’m not much one for including myself in my photos, but with the sheer size of these trees, it’s impossible to understand the scale without a human for perspective.

One of my favorite nature-related books is The Wild Trees by Richard Preston, about how these giants were first climbed (safely) and the amazing hidden world that lives up in the canopy. It’s also incredibly sad to know that only about 3% of these living beings are still standing, the rest were logged without consideration that it takes literally thousands of years for them to grow to this size.

These forests demand respect and reverence. We can’t begin to imagine how many generations of humans it will take to rebuild just ONE generation of these trees. We need to protect those that are still standing tall.

One response to “Redwoods State and National Parks, CA

  1. […] in 2021 I’ve revisited Eastern/Central Oregon, had a lovely time walking among the giants at Redwoods National and State Parks, and ventured on an incredible 9-day backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierra Ansel Adams […]

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