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Redwoods State and National Parks, CA

on May 21, 2019

The Redwoods have been calling my name since I was there 2 years ago. I was fortunate to go back recently, this time with my husband and friends, none of whom had been there before.

There is something magical and mystical about the northern California Redwood forests that is hard to describe. There is a sense of time and history there that I’ve ever only felt before when visiting ancient places in Europe. It’s very humbling to stand at the base of a 2000-year-old tree and understand that we are only a very small part of a much bigger picture. These forests are Mother Nature’s natural cathedral. To quote John Muir, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” I definitely believe this to be true.

Over several days we hiked to and visited the Boy Scout Tree, Stout Grove, the Cathedral Tree, the Tall Tree Grove, the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, and Carruthers Cove. I can’t say how many trees I hugged, or simply paused to touch briefly while walking through the woods. Their energy is palpable and beautiful.

I highly recommend reading the book The Wild Trees by Richard Preston about these majestic beings. It will forever change the way you think of them.

One response to “Redwoods State and National Parks, CA

  1. Bonnie Rae says:

    Beautiful !! And thanks for the book recommendation too. I can’t wait to go myself.

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