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Hidden Lake and Upper Palisades, MRNP

on September 2, 2014

Upper Palisades Lake is one of my yearly pilgrimages at Mt. Rainier, this time an overnight trip with Janelle.  We started the day with a mama bear and her cub along the trail, and were lucky to have a great vantage point for photos without getting too close to them.

The water at Palisades Lake is pretty low this time of year, but it’s still a beautiful area.  After setting up camp at Palisades Lake, we backtracked a bit and went up to Hidden Lake, which was new to me. We both went for a dip in the **cold** water, but it felt wonderful!  Hidden Lake is beautiful, and not many people there which made it even better. In the evening I saw a mountain goat high up on the cliffs above our campsite.

The next morning Janelle was brave enough to wake me up at 5:45 to catch the sunrise, and I’m so glad she did, because it was magical watching the Palisades cliffs light up in bright pink. We also got to see and heard elk bugling on the hillside above us at dawn. Wonderful area of Rainier, and a great overnight backpack trip. It’s also a great area to dayhike.

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