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Takhlakh Lake and Killen Creek, Mt. Adams

on August 15, 2014

I have some of the best hiking/camping/backpacking friends, and I thank SharonM for introducing me to Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams. I’ve never explored this area before, and after living in Washington State for 28+ years, it was about high time I got out there 🙂   I got one of the last campsite reservations at Takhlakh Lake, so Tori and I packed up the kayaks, grabbed SharonM and SharonB on the way, and headed south.

The lake has an absolutely wonderful view of Mt. Adams, and it didn’t hurt that we had a supermooon while there. We spent the first afternoon being lazy at camp, kayaking, and enjoying the view.

On day 2 we left the kid at the campground and headed up to Killen Creek TH. I managed to eat a few (ok… MORE than just a few!) wild blueberries and huckleberries along the trail. The trail is beautiful through forest, berries, and wildflowers. The biting flies and mosquitoes, on the other hand, were *brutal* since they seem to love me so much. Between swatting ourselves repeatedly with handkerchiefs, we were able to enjoy a great lunch in an open wildflower meadow right at the base of Mt. Adams. Then back to Takhlakh Lake for a wonderful swim and a lazy paddle that evening. I had forgotten how much I enjoy swimming in open water instead of a pool.

Thanks to Sharon-Squared for a wonderful time and for introducing us to yet another place that is going on my “Yearly To-Do” list….

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