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Colchuck Lake – Enchantments

on August 20, 2013

I was one of the lucky people to get a permit for the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Enchantments to Colchuck Lake. It’s beautiful out there, to me it’s like a little piece of Yosemite in Washington State, with granite and towering mountains and gorgeous alpine lakes. Most of the trail up is very rocky and steep in parts, not necessarily good for the knees, but worth it for the incredible views. The color of the water in Colchuck Lake is a beautiful creamy-teal color, a very easy place to sit and relax and enjoy the wilderness.

We sat in the evening on some big boulders at the end of the lake and watched people the size of ants coming down Aasgard Pass, it must be amazing in the Upper Enchantments but these knees will never do that!!!  I’ll have to see it vicariously through photos, unless someone wants to helicopter me up there some day.

The hike back down next day was fairly brutal on these poor surgical knees of mine, and I got back to the car feeling sore and abused, but it was very worth it!

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