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Crater Lake National Park

on July 29, 2013

I got to spend 3 great days at Crater Lake National Park while my girls were getting their Shakespeare on in Ashland, Oregon 🙂  The Mazama car campground inside the park was great, big spots that weren’t too close together… best part was 3 days of day hiking all over the park 🙂  Yes, the water REALLY IS that blue, impossible to describe and photos don’t quite do it justice.

The first night there I hiked up to the Watchman fire lookout for sunset, beautiful! On the second day I took a boat ride around the lake. I was supposed to get 3 hours to hike around on Wizard Island but because of mechanical problems nobody was allowed to be dropped off on the island that day. Still, it was a great way to see the lake up close and personal. I hiked the Annie Creek trail after dinner for an evening stroll, got to see deer and marmots and lots of wildflowers.

On the last morning there I was up at 4:30 to catch the sunrise at Cloud Cap overlook, then hiked up to the top of Mt. Scott, the highest point in the park at 8900+ feet elevation. I was the only one on the trail the whole time, beautiful views all around 🙂  Definitely glad I got to spend time here and finally see it for myself.

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