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Klaloch and Olympic Coast

on May 6, 2013

After our wonderful night at Hoh River Valley and hiking back out 5.3 miles early that morning, we spent the night at the Klaloch car campground. Quite a bit of difference in solitude with all the RVs and generators, but such a gorgeous place on the beach! We wandered Beach 3 at low tide, poked around in the rocks to see the tide pools, watched bald eagles flying, walked in the sand and enjoyed the sun and the incredible scenery.

Back to Klaloch beach for the afternoon, where I walked some more on the beach. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t more crowded with the incredible warm, sunny weather. The trees along this section of the Washington Olympic coastline amaze me in how they can survive the brutal winter storms that come through here every year. These are some tough, tough creatures.

Spent that evening at our campsite watching a gorgeous sunset from the bluff, having a cold beer, and enjoying being mellow. Wonderful place, I’ve driven by before but never stayed. I’ll definitely be doing more time here in the future 🙂

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