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Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula

on March 30, 2013

It’s said that there is more biomass in the Hoh Rain Forest than anywhere else on earth. This place is magical, especially when you get to be there on a sunny, beautiful weekend, which is rare considering it gets 140 to 170 inches of rainfall per year!

I spent the morning walking about 4 miles down the Hoh River Trail, which leads about 18 miles up into the Olympic Mountains. I found a great lunch spot along the river, and spent a lot of time there soaking up the sun. It’s hard work hugging as many trees as I did!! Stella and I stayed at the Hoh Campground, so in the afternoon when it got busy with day tourists, I took a nice nap at my campsite, then headed back in the evening to walk the Hall of Mosses trail and the Spruce Nature Trail that are close to the Visitor Center, once most of the people had cleared out.

The forest along the Hall of Mosses trail is older than surrounding area, easy to tell by the huge trees and massive amounts of moss that have been growing for hundreds of years. Some of these trees look alien with their coatings of hanging moss, they’re just gorgeous!

The local herd of Roosevelt Elk meandered their way through the campground at dinnertime, keeping the lawn nicely mowed. All in all, a glorious weekend spent with me, myself, I, and a really cool rainforest πŸ™‚

One response to “Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Peninsula

  1. Jane Lurie says:

    One of my favorite places. Amazing beauty.

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